Move Over Elf on the Shelf – Here Comes The Hindu on the Bindu

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There is no better time to teach kids about cultural diversity than at the holidays and there is no better way than by having fun. That’s exactly what the Hindu on the Bindu does, joining the Elf on the Shelf and Mensch on a Bench.

Not only does the Hindu on the Bindu celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights, but it inspires children all year long to learn about their family traditions and share them with others. That’s what motivated David Euler to create this adorable cuddly doll and impressive storybook.

“I am Jewish. My wife is Hindu. I decided to make a doll that is universal and gives Hindu kids like my children something not only for just Diwali but to enjoy all year long,” says Euler, a renowned acupuncturist who also co-directed and taught the acupuncture course for physicians at Harvard Medical School for 16 years. “The Hindu on the Bindu lives within all of us. He is our inner child, our spirit of imagination, and our connection to creativity and hope.”

Given today’s digital world, imagination and the ability to interact decreases, says Euler. “It’s called social media, but it’s actually anti-social. Today’s technology is highly addictive and changes brain chemistry and I want to counter that. It is my hope that Hindu on the Bindu will encourage children to talk and reconnect with family members, friends and neighbors.”

The bindu is the symbol of all beginnings, he explains, the ultimate opportunity for all creation. “If you know where you are coming from, you know where you are going,” stresses Euler.

His hope is the product inspires children to tap into their creativity that results in them writing stories that can then be shared through the Hindu on the Bindu website at: and then printed and published.

From Friday, November 24 to Sunday, November 30, a 20 percent discount is available by using the code BlackFriday2017.

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